James River’s Ethan Humphries standing out in first full season as head coach

Humphries helped lead the Knights to their lone state basketball title

BUCHANAN, Va. – Nearly a dozen years ago, James River head coach Ethan Humphries was posing for the 2010 State Championship team photo that hangs on the wall in the gym. It is the only state championship the Knights have won.

“It’s pretty cool because Coach Humphries has been there before, he’s been in a lot of experiences, going on the road, playing tough teams, it’s been exciting to see,” forward Patrick Clevenger said. “He can offer wisdom from his playing days, and then help us out when hopefully we make a state run.”

Humphries knows how to win, not only as a player but as a coach too. The Knights are one victory away from a ten-win season with many more games to go.

“At the end of the day, I don’t make any plays on the court, it’s just trying to get them to buy what I’m selling,” Humphries said.

“Both coaches, Coach [Jesse] Witt and Coach Humphries know a ton of stuff about basketball and they’re all about the team and getting the team better,” Clevenger added.

They’re a team loaded with talent and started the season leaning on their sharpshooting and efficient defense.

“It’s funny, going into the year we have four guys on the court, and they’re open, I’m putting a lot of money on that shot is going in,” Humphries said. “But we haven’t been shooting the ball really well as of late, so it’s fun figuring out the piece of the puzzle to it.”

And the picture of their coach making history for his alma mater has motivated them to sharpen their skills to soon join him up there.

“Hopefully he can have both of them on the wall, I hope so, but it’s been great,” senior Corey Easton added.

James River will take on Lord Botetourt on Saturday at 7 p.m. in Buchanan.

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