Roanoke Strongman set to compete in national competition

Aaron Blackford has set a world record in his weight class, competing at <198 lb

ROANOKE, Va. – You’ve heard of powerlifting, and certainly CrossFit, but have you ever heard of Strongman?

“Strongman isn’t necessarily a test of strength, it’s more of an application of it,” Roanoke resident Aaron Blackford said. “So how can you apply your strength to a wide array of different implements?”

Blackford has been competing in the Strongman circuit since 2017 and favors the sport for the unique events of displaying strength, rather than just lifting maximum weight.

“You have to be conditioned, you have to be able to move well, you can’t just be a guy who can only lift the weight while standing in one spot, you have to be able to move weight from point a to point b and do it very quickly,” Blackford said.

This weekend Blackford will travel to New Hampshire to compete in the national competition.

There are five events Blackford would have to complete in to have a chance to win in his weight class. These events include the last man standing deadlift, the odd object press medley, a crucifix carry for time, the farmers hold, and perhaps the most recognizable competition, the atlas stone to shoulder.

After being unable to compete in the world championship last fall, Blackford is looking forward to a chance at redemption.

“I think this win at nationals would win a whole lot, it would definitely mean a lot to me,” Blackford said.

The 2022 United States Strongman Competition begins on Saturday, June 25th at 9 a.m. and can be streamed here.

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