Women in Sports: Northside and Christiansburg softball taking new programs to great heights

ROANOKE, Va. – Last weekend, the Christiansburg High School softball team made history by winning their first state championship in Charlottesville. This victory was not a sudden stroke of luck; the team had been making waves since May 2022.

Known for their powerful hitting, the Blue Demons frequently sent balls flying onto the gym roof during practices. A key player in their success has been Kadyn Camper, a then sophomore pitcher who was being recruited left and right.

Fast forward two years, and many of the players from those early practice sessions are still key members of the team. Camper, in particular, delivered an outstanding performance in the championship game, striking out 15 batters over 8 innings. Her efforts were crucial in leading the Blue Demons to their momentous victory, culminating in the team proudly hoisting their first state trophy.

Adding to the significance of Christiansburg’s win is the fact that this is the second consecutive year a Class 3 softball team has won a state title under the leadership of a first or second-year coach. In 2023, Northside High School ended a decade-long championship drought with head coach Kassie Brammer at the helm. Just a week ago, Christiansburg’s Sean Gaynor achieved similar success in his inaugural year as head coach.

This back-to-back achievement is not only rare but also highlights the exceptional talent and coaching in the region. It underscores the potential that can be unlocked with the right guidance and belief in young athletes.

Christiansburg’s and Northside’s championship wins are a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication, as well as the transformative power of a coach who believes in their players.

Northside and Christiansburg softball, Kassie Brammer and Seann Gaynor, thank you for your part in growing women’s sports.

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