Liberty's Snowflex offers opportunity and entertainment

Snowflex opened in 2009 as an alternative for students

By Eric Johnson - Sports Reporter

LYNCHBURG, Va. - Their motto is no snow, no problem.

Sitting atop Liberty's 5,000-acre mountain is the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre -- a premiere destination for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing.

"We're actually the only place that has a full facility, like, a full mountain with jumps, features and a small hill. We're the only one in the U.S. that has it," said Marketing Manager Kevin Hoff.

Snowflex is a synthetic material designed to simulate slip-and-grip effects of snow. A misting system keeps the surface moist -- increasing speed and control for riders. Thanks to this technology, this year-round high-performance playground attracts students and families. 

"It's not just for people trying to get extreme and do stuff like you're seeing in the Olympics," Hoff said.

"It's all set for kids here just looking to learn something new, maybe learn something that's going to be more outdoor focused like snowboarding and skiing which are."

The most intriguing part is that you don't have to be an expert. Snoflex Centre offers lessons, coaching programs and summer camps. But if you're like me and still not brave enough to get on a board, you can always take a trip down the 350 or 500-foot tubing slopes.

Take for example Isaac Gibson. The Danville native started school at Liberty with no prior experience in snowboarding. But after learning the ropes at Snowflex through competitions while at college, he now sits as the head coach of the skiing and snowboarding team. 

"It's been incredible, like, getting to meet the people up here and being able to travel around the country and have friends all over the country just because of this little hill and skiing and snowboarding, you know," Gibson said.

Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre is offering fun and entertainment while providing an opportunity to experience something new. The summer camps are held in June and July with earlybird registration running through February 25th. For more information on the summer day camp, click here. For more information on the overnight summer camp, click here.

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