Tasty Tuesday: Holly Jo's Creekside Grill

Homemade tastiness with a whole lot of love in each bite

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ROANOKE, Va. – Want cake for breakfast, a savory sandwich for lunch, a burger for dinner and then more cake for dessert? Holly Jo's Creekside Grill is your place to go!

It started as a random idea that, five years later, has blossomed into a local favorite in Franklin County.

Ralph Hicks tells 10 News that he and his family love the atmosphere. "Between the food and people here, it feels like home."

Mamma Gaile, as they call her, is a big fan of her daughter. Holly, the owner and restaurant's namesake, makes everything she can homemade. 

"She still uses my grandmother's recipes, which are old school but they work."

The secret, as we've heard our grandmothers say before, is love. 

Holly told us so, while we were in her kitchen. This is where she explained her creativity, starting with her love for sandwiches. 

"I love sandwiches, so any weird thing I can put on a sandwich, I'm going to do."

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