FIVE YEARS AGO: Buried in snow for Valentine's Day 2014

Many areas saw more than a foot of snow in February 2014.


ROANOKE, Va. – The big snows this winter have generally stayed far north and far west of here, with the December 9th storm being the exception. In 2014, however, Valentine's Day date night was likely spent at home. 

On February the 13th, our region was blanketed in white thanks to a large snowstorm. This produced icy conditions as far south as Texas and Alabama, while delivering a lot of snow to the Carolinas and Commonwealth. 

Here are some "official" totals from around the area on that day. (These have been reconstructed into a map at the top of the article.)

Roanoke: 19"

Lynchburg: 10"

Danville: 6.3"

Blacksburg: 20.1"

Appomattox: 9.9"

Big Island: 14"

Brookneal: 8.2"

Buena Vista: 10.9"

Chatham: 10"

Christansburg: 23"

Copper Hill: 19"

Covington: 12.5"

Galax: 15"

Glasgow: 14.3"

Hot Springs: 13"

Huddleston: 14"

Lexington: 13"

Martinsville: 19.8"

New Castle: 15.2"

Pulaski: 13"

Radford: 16"

Rocky Mount: 16.5"

South Boston: 7"

Stuart: 12"

Willis: 19.4"

Wytheville: 12.1"

How does a storm like this come together? Simply put, you need enough cold air and a healthy amount of moisture too. 

A large drop in the jet stream helped make that happen. When the jet stream drops south, colder air can invade the area. At the same time, this favored storm development over the southern U.S., which helped feed our region with a lot of moisture. 


There aren't any signs of a large snowstorm within the next week. However, there is the opportunity for some snow this Saturday in parts of the area, mainly along and to the north of Highway 460.

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