With Dorian off the coast, turbulent wave clouds form over Roanoke

Undulatus asperatus clouds develop over Roanoke Thursday morning

Photo: Chris Michaels - 10 News
Photo: Chris Michaels - 10 News

ROANOKE, Va. – Wednesday night, clouds from Dorian helped produce an amazing sunset across our area. Thursday morning, those clouds are doing a little something else. 

If you're within close proximity to mountains, you may notice the clouds taking on the appearance of water rippling. These clouds are referred to as 'undulatus asperatus.'

Clouds form when the air rises to a point where the air becomes saturated (wet). Wind from the east on the outer edges of Dorian then blows across that rising air. 

You then get a repetitive rising and sinking motion in the air that results in these waves. 

Keep an eye out for these Thursday, and send us pictures if you see them around.

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