Showers develop today; rain/snow mix possible late Thursday

Rain develops Tuesday afternoon and night, the possibility of wintry weather late Thursday

What We're Tracking from 02/18/2020 to 02/20/2020

ROANOKE, Va. – We’ve had four straight days of dry weather. While Tuesday won’t be a washout, we’ll snap that streak. A cold front inching closer will help spark some scattered showers in the afternoon, with the greater chance being in parts of the New River Valley, Roanoke Valley and Highlands.

FutureTracker - 02/18 at 4 p.m.

As the front slowly progresses eastward, so will our showers Tuesday evening.

FutureTracker - 02/18 at 8 p.m.

By the time the rain comes to an end, which should be overnight into Wednesday morning, we’ll only have accumulated a quarter of an inch or less. This time, flooding is not an issue. However, we’ll still need to keep an eye on our front.

Where exactly this thing stalls will determine our chance for wintry precipitation late Thursday into Thursday night, as it will serve as a railroad track for a storm system to ride along.

The farther north this stalls, the better chance we have. The farther south it stalls, the lesser chance we have.

FutureTracker - 02/20 at 5 p.m.

Given a combination of forecast data, we think the best chance of seeing a rain/snow mix late Thursday and Thursday night will be along and south of 460. This can and will change, depending on the front’s location. (Odds are currently higher the farther south you go into parts of North Carolina.) This is the kind of system where there will be a sharp cutoff between snow and now snow.

Accumulations, if any at this point, would likely be an inch or less. We’ll let you know if that changes too, so stick with us for updates these next few days.

Snow probability for Thursday night, 2/20/2020

Regardless of this potential mix over the area, we’re going to turn much colder Thursday and Friday. Highs will only manage to get into the upper 30s and lower 40s.

High temperature trend - 02/18/2020 to 02/22/2020

Friday, however, will see more sun. That eventually translates to a warmer weekend, as the bulk of our cold air retreats back to the north and east.

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