Pleasant weather rules today, but we’re bracing for heavy rain and storms soon

Enjoy the pleasant weather to start the weekend, because our next storm system will make our weather much worse on Easter Sunday.

Sunday and Monday severe weather threat (4/11/2020)
Sunday and Monday severe weather threat (4/11/2020) (WSLS)

ROANOKE, Va. – If you walk out the door early this morning, you’re likely to notice the cold temperatures and perhaps some frost on the ground in spots. A freeze warning is in effect until 9 a.m. along and east of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

There is a chance that this could be the last freeze of the season for some, as it typically happens around this time each year. The average last freeze for the New River Valley and Highlands regions is later, either late April and early May. It would be a good idea to continue holding off on planting your garden, just in case another cold snap hits in the coming weeks.

Average last freeze (4/11/2020)
Average last freeze (4/11/2020) (WSLS)

After the cold start, we expect relatively tranquil weather conditions across southwest Virginia. We’ll enjoy plenty of sunshine and highs ranging from the upper 50s to mid 60s. One thing many of you will notice is the weaker winds today. They’ll be out of the west, sustained at 5 to 15 miles per hour. Gusts could perhaps hit 20 miles per hour at times, but that’s not too bad considering how windy it’s been lately.

Today's wind gust forecast (4/11/2020)
Today's wind gust forecast (4/11/2020) (WSLS)

Look for clouds to increase tonight ahead of our next storm system, which will provide a nasty turn with the weather on Easter Sunday and Monday. Rain will develop through the day tomorrow and it could become heavy at times tomorrow night. The risk for severe storms will increase tomorrow night as well. The Storm Prediction Center has painted a slight risk (level 2 out of 5) for this timeframe, with wind damage and flooding being the primary threats. Hail and tornadoes will also be possible.

Sunday night's storm threats (4/11/2020)
Sunday night's storm threats (4/11/2020) (WSLS)

Storms will linger into Monday morning, but we’ll eventually dry out, warm up, and see the wind pick up by the afternoon. Behind a cold front, look for cooler and mostly quiet weather for the rest of the work week, save for a shower chance on Wednesday.

Weather headlines (4/11/2020)
Weather headlines (4/11/2020) (WSLS)

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