Halloween weather in June?! Near-record cool accompanied by more rain Tuesday

Temperatures Tuesday will be more typical of Halloween in our area, with periods of rain continuing the next few days

Afternoon temperatures Tuesday more typical of Halloween

ROANOKE, Va. – For many of us, the A/C is off and we’re cuddling up with a blanket...in the middle of June. An area of low pressure continues to sling in some clouds and periods of rain Tuesday, keeping things unseasonably cool. We’re talking high temperatures that you’d expect around Halloween, which makes for near-record cool this time of year.

(I actually had to pack a sweatshirt to go to the gym Monday...)

Near-record cool highs again Tuesday afternoon

We still stand the chance for additional rain Tuesday. Forecast data often undersells the northern extent of moisture when it comes to these pesky low pressure systems, which is why you don’t see much displayed on FutureTracker below. However, we do expect the rain to turn more numerous during the afternoon hours Tuesday.

FutureTracker - Tuesday afternoon

Things may let up a bit at night, only for the rain to turn more widespread and heavy at times Wednesday morning. This may result in localized flooding of streams, creeks and low-lying areas.

FutureTracker - Wednesday morning

By Wednesday afternoon, rain will turn more scattered but could still be heavy at times with low pressure nearby. That will especially be the case east of US 220 (Bedford, Lynchburg, Danville, South Boston, Appomattox, Lovingston, Lexington, etc.).

FutureTracker - Wednesday afternoon

Showers and storms become more scattered each afternoon Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Temperatures will gradually warm up, as our area of low pressure finally pulls away to the east.

This is somewhat fitting, as Saturday marks the first official day of summer. This is when the sun’s rays appear 90° (directly) above the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Summer solstice explainer

It will certainly feel like summer by Father’s Day! Make sure to take Dad out for an early tee time. By the afternoon, high temperatures will likely reach 85-90°.

Golf forecast for Father's Day 2020

Any spotty showers or thunderstorms would come late in the afternoon in the mountains. Most of the day will be rain-free, though!

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