Catching up on some summer heat, humidity through the 4th of July

Storm chances remain fairly limited with most disturbances passing to our south.

Typical heat and humidity through the 4th of July
Typical heat and humidity through the 4th of July

ROANOKE, Va. – Saharan dust took over parts of the weekend forecast, creating a blanket of haze and poor air quality for some of us. With very limited amounts of dust around us, air quality will be ‘Good’ today.

Air Quality Forecast - Monday

Temperatures and humidity levels will be typical to start the week, with a front to our south. That front will keep the majority of storms focused south of here, but you know how it goes this time of year. Any time we have the heat and humidity in play, a few spotty storms cannot be ruled out.

Futuretracker - Monday afternoon

We’ll have a slightly better chance Tuesday afternoon in areas near/west of US 220, as a disturbance rides along that front to our south.

Futuretracker - Tuesday afternoon

We’ll have to watch for the same kind of ordeal Wednesday as well. Otherwise, expect more heat and humidity throughout the week.

High temperature trend throughout the week

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