PHOTO GALLERY: Saharan dust starts as a dud, surprises with Sunday sunset

Saharan dust made up for a disappointing Saturday sunset by dazzling Sunday evening

ROANOKE, Va. – Saturday’s sunset was a huge, and I mean HUGE, letdown for many of us. The dust was there, but so was a wall of clouds.

You spend a whole week forecasting dust. It shows up at the time you forecast it to. Then, a cloud blocks the sun and...

Posted by Chris Michaels WSLS 10 News on Saturday, June 27, 2020

At that point, it was like being told that your team was a shoe-in to win the championship. Then, a Cinderella story came out of nowhere to take them down. However, things got a lot better Sunday evening.

Below is the photo gallery we put together of all of your pictures, from the disappointment on Saturday to the excitement on Sunday.

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