Whoosh! Gusty wind blows in cooler air for the rest of the week

Peak wind gusts could reach 40 mph in parts of the area Thursday afternoon

Peak wind gusts - Thursday afternoon, 4/15/2021
Peak wind gusts - Thursday afternoon, 4/15/2021

ROANOKE, Va. – Following Wednesday’s little bit of rain, we’re turning a page toward cooler days. That starts Thursday afternoon with temperatures peaking 10-15° below what they did Wednesday afternoon.

Highs will be in the 50s in the New River Valley and Highlands and 60s elsewhere.

High temperature forecast for Thursday, 4/15/2021

As we go through the day, the wind will pick up behind our departed storm system. Expect sustained speeds of 10-20 mph with gusts ranging between 25 and 40 mph from time to time.

Today's wind speed and wind gust forecast - 4/15/2021

This likely won’t cause damage, but it will be noticeable.

The breeze continues a bit at night, which should prevent a widespread frost from occurring. Only patchy frost will happen in areas where the wind calms the most.

We’ll keep it gusty at times Friday afternoon, with afternoon temperatures creeping up by only a couple degrees compared to Thursday. In fact, we may see some snow on the west-facing slopes of West Virginia.

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