Tracking tropical moisture through the first half of the week

Rounds of rain and storms will lead to localized flash flooding Tuesday night and Wednesday morning

Tracking tropical moisture through the first half of the week

ROANOKE, Va. – It poured on parts of the region Sunday evening and Sunday night, thanks to moisture overrunning a front nearby. That front still remains in close proximity to southwest and central Virginia. With moisture riding north, we expect scattered showers and thunderstorms during the day Monday.

FutureTracker - Monday afternoon

Temperatures should be similar to what they were Sunday afternoon, with most of the area rising to about 80-85°.

High temperature forecast for Monday, 8/16/2021

We expect similar temperatures Tuesday, as Fred weakens over land and moves north. We’ll see scattered showers and storms during the day Tuesday, thanks (again) to the tropical moisture moving north.

FutureTracker - Tuesday evening

As Fred’s remnants get closer, we expect the rain to get more widespread and heavier heading into Wednesday morning. In fact, it’s looking like a line of heavy rain and storms will develop on Fred’s eastern side.

FutureTracker - Wednesday morning

With this in mind, there’s the possibility for localized flash flooding. With the wind being stronger a few thousand feet up, any stronger showers could drag down some strong wind gusts. Tropical systems always need to be watched for a little extra spin. So while the threat for tornadoes is low, it’s not completely zero Wednesday morning.

Next rain maker impacts from Monday through Wednesday

After Wednesday, it’s back to status quo. Highs will rise well into the 80s each afternoon, and we’ll maintain the chance for your typical afternoon showers and storms.

Even still, the tropics remain active. Grace will move through the Caribbean and Gulf, posing no immediate threat to our area. Tropical Depression 8 will likely become Henri, and it too will not have an immediate threat on our area.

Tropical headlines as of 3:15 a.m., Monday, August 16th, 2021

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