Wednesday’s temperatures make little headway following near-record chill Tuesday

Highs rebound into the 60s and 70s this coming weekend

ROANOKE, Va. – Tuesday was the coldest October day we’d seen in about 4-5 years, with some early season snow flurries floating around too!

Some snow flurries will be possible Wednesday morning, but we don’t expect them to be as persistent.

High temperatures will actually recover by a few degrees. That said, we’ll still be about 15° below average for this time of year.

It’ll also be breezy at times throughout the day, with gusts between 20 and 30 mph still being fair game.

Wind speed and wind gust forecast for Wednesday, 10/19/2022

Once the wind calms down at night, temperatures will fall into the 20s and 30s with frost on the ground first thing Thursday morning.

Low temperature forecast for the morning of Thursday, 10/20/2022

We expect to see frost/near-freezing temperatures again by Friday morning.

Come Saturday, however, that chance will mainly be confined to parts of the New River Valley and Highlands.

Frost/freeze potential through Saturday, 10/21/2022

Heading toward the weekend, the jet stream retreats farther north. This allows us to warm up each afternoon.

We will need to watch a storm near the coast to see how close it comes. It may result in a few late day showers Sunday north and east of the Roanoke Valley.

What we're tracking for the weekend of 10/21 to 10/23/2022

Otherwise, the weather cooperates enough for football, festivals, leaf-peepin, you name it!

Weekend forecast through Sunday, 10/23/2022

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