Man charged with Pittsylvania County triple murder to undergo mental evaluation

Charged with first-degree murder

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On Thursday morning, 18-year-old Matthew Bernard appeared in public for the first time since last month's killing spree of his Pittsylvania County family, which police say he's involved with.

Bernard was arraigned Thursday in juvenile and domestic court, and 10 News learned he may not be fit to stand trial. He is being charged with three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of using a firearm in the commission of a felony. 

Bernard appeared in court wearing a green jacket with handcuffs around his wrists and ankles.

This arraignment had been delayed multiple times. 

The hearing only lasted a few minutes, and Bernard didn't say much answering only "yes, sir," to the judge.

His lawyer says he wants a mental examination to see if he's fit to stand trial, and the Commonwealth agreed to it. Bernard is also looking at a possible insanity plea, according to court documents.

Bernard is being held away from the primary jail in Chatham. Police took him away after the hearing, and the Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office purposefully put a sheet inside the door of the police car, covering Bernard's face to shield him from our camera's view.

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