Charmin introduces 'forever roll' that lasts for up to one month

Courtesy of Charmin / Twitter
Courtesy of Charmin / Twitter

ROANOKE, Va. – If you feel like you change your toilet paper roll way too often, Charmin has a solution for you. 

The company has released the gift that keeps on giving -- the Charmin Forever Roll, which apparently only needs to be changed once a month. 

You can purchase the roll in two sizes -- one-user or multi-user. 

The roll is so large that it needs its own special holder, which you can get for free if you purchase the company's starter kit on its website, which includes three forever rolls. 

Don't want the embarrassment of buying this at the store? No problem. Charmin will ship it right to your door for free. 

Starter kits for multi-user bathrooms start at $29.97, stand-alone rolls run for $9.99 and the stand is $29.99.