Deal of Dud: Dust Daddy

We put it to the test.

ROANOKE, Va. – The holidays are quickly approaching and many of us will rush to clean our homes before Thanksgiving guests arrive.

The Dust Daddy promises to get up dust like no other.

Our product tester, Margaret put it to the test to see if it really works.

We start off by reading the directions, which were not user-friendly.

It took some effort to snap the pieces together, but finally, "ok. Now I think it's put together," said Margaret

It didn't fit Margaret's vacuum cleaner, which the directions said may happen.

So, we added the universal adaptor, or at least tried.

"That won't go either. Hmm. Let's see," Margaret said pondering.

After a little more effort, the Dust Daddy is finally ready to go.

We try cleaning up coffee grounds, which always spill everywhere.

"I feel like its just moving it around, not really picking it up," Margaret said.

Next we try the light fixture, which was another fail.

The television commercial shows it cleans dust off radiators.

So Margaret tries it out there.

"It's good for like little pieces of dust, but I found this stuck on top of it," Margaret said about a large dust bunny.

We also tested it on shutters.

"Not really sure that did much. I feel like it was just pushing things around a little bit, but there's stuff in there," Margaret said.

Asked if it's a deal or a dud, Margaret said, "I'd say a dud on this one, definitely a dud."

The dust daddy is for sale on Amazon for $10.99.

41 percent of review there only give it a one star rating.

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