Deal or Dud: Potato Express

Promises to bake potatoes in four minutes.

The Potato Express promises to cook oven-baked potatoes in just four minutes.

It's pretty simple to use.

You put one to four potatoes in the Potato Express, then close the flap.

Place the Potato Express in the microwave with the flap side down, then cook to suggested times shown in the chart.

If you use large potatoes, you may have to add a little time.

For small potatoes, you may need to cook a little less.

After cooking, the potatoes are steaming hot.

Our taste testers had mixed reviews.

Our web guy Jeff says, "for four minutes not bad. Would I take this over traditional long form, no. But, if I want a snack, I'm sold."

Producer Alayna was not sold. She said, "​​​​​​​it's a little hard but it's good."

It was a no for her.

So we turn to Brittany for our tie breaker. She said, "I'm sold. I would buy it. Heck yeah I'd buy it."

Two to one. It's a deal!

It available on Amazon starting at $5.99.

It also says it does vegetables, corn on the cob, tortillas and more.

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