This prepaid cell phone plan has no contracts, no hidden fees and it’s on sale for under $50

Save each month with this prepaid phone plan from Tello. (Tello)

Prepaid mobile cell service plans are quickly becoming more popular with older and younger generations and for good reason.

A prepaid phone plan means no long contract, no credit check, more flexibility, and more freedom for you to do what you want when you want with your cell phone service.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable and safe prepaid cell phone plan you should check out the Tello Value Prepaid 6-Month Plan: Unlimited Talk/Text + 2GB LTE Data, now on sale for 41% off the regular price of $84.

With this discounted 6-month prepaid plan new Tello customers will receive unlimited talk and text plus 2GB/month, coast-to-coast wireless coverage on a top nationwide GSM network.

You simply pay upfront and there’s no contract, no activation fee and no termination fee. After the initial 180 days on the Trello unlimited talk and text plan, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed.

If you make international calls to family and friends, no need to worry, minutes to Canada, China, and Mexico are included in all plans at the same rate as domestic calls, plus you get a free hotspot so you don’t have to worry about paying an arm and a leg to speak to your loved ones.

If by chance you run out of allotted data, unlimited 2G data kicks in too.

One happy Tello customer left a flattering 5-star review saying, “Tello has been extremely reliable for me in my area and I’m very pleased with the service. Worked as well as expected. Great price!”

If you’re ready to take gain your cell phone freedom back and take on a no-hassle plan, the Tello Value Prepaid 6-Month Plan: Unlimited Talk/Text + 2GB LTE Data, is a great and affordable deal and is on sale for a limited time for only $49.

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