This comfy plush blanket with keep your arms and feet extra warm for under $30

This plush fleece lightweight blanket keeps your arms and feet warm.
This plush fleece lightweight blanket keeps your arms and feet warm. (The Slanket)

During the fall and winter, there’s nothing like curling up on the couch wrapped in a cozy blanket.

Being all toasty and warm while it’s cold and crisp outside is the best except when you have to extract your arm from the blanket to grab the remote, flip the page of your book or reach for your favorite snack.

Brrrr! When that cold air hits your arm it’s a surprise and not in a good way!

If only blankets came with sleeves. Oh wait, they do!

Meet the Slanket. The original blanket with sleeves and it’s now on sale for under $30.

The Slanket is not your average blanket because it’s designed to keep your entire body covered. Simply put that means you spread your wings and grab the remote, drink your beverage and snack on your favorite food while your arms are still comfy and cozy inside the Slanket.

There’s even a foot pocket that’s super soft and cozy so you don’t have to worry about cold feet!

Featured on The Today Show and Forbes, The Slanket Blanket is 100% polyester fleece, super soft to the touch, lightweight. This bracket is large and the sleeves aren’t tight so you can move with ease but still stay covered.

The Slanket also easily folds up neatly into a couch cushion when your not wrapped up in it.

You had me at a blanket with sleeves but if you need more convincing, The Slanket® Blanket with Sleeves is now on sale for only $29.99. That’s a price I’m willing to pay for comfy and cozy.

Prices subject to change