General Election Results for U.S. Presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Nov. 3, 2020

President Trump is running for reelection against former Vice President Joe Biden

Joe Biden and Donald Trump (WSLS 10)

The highest office in the land is on the ballot this Election Day.

Voters across the United States will be casting their vote as to who should be the President of the United States.

Remember, it’s not individual voters who elect the president, rather it’s the Electoral College.

While it may not determine the presidency, it’s still interesting to keep track of, so here’s the nationwide presidential popular vote:

Joe Biden(D)
Donald Trump(R)
100% of Precincts Reporting

(170,220 / 170,228)

The Associated Press has created this map to easily show a state-by-state breakdown of the projected Electoral College vote:

Click here if you’d like to see a locality breakdown of how all Virginians are voting for president.

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