Kristen Bell wants to help teachers; could we love her any more?

#FeaturedTeacherFriday is back!

Not everyone has 11 million followers on Instagram. But Kristen Bell sure does. And do you want to know what she’s doing to reach those followers and use her celebrity for a bit of good?

She’s helping teachers get their classroom wish lists fulfilled. How cool is that?

Every Friday, Bell uses her social media account to put up a #FeaturedTeacherFriday post.

Here are a few examples.

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It’s time for another #FeaturedTeacherFriday! 📚🥰💪🏻Today’s teacher is Tej Carbone from Florida. Tej is both a teacher and a school social worker and I am so inspired by her attitude! Here’s her story: “Hi! I’m a 33 year old former licensed clinical social worker that felt the call to the classroom. I spent this past year studying and taking certification exams in order to obtain certification as an educator. I’m now certified as a school social worker, k-6 teacher and ESE. I will be teaching 2nd and 3rd grade in a small, special needs inclusion tuition-free charter school. Half of our students have documented disabilities, and a majority of our students are on free/reduced lunch. Our salaries are even less than that of our public school counterparts, yet we serve such a unique population. We have students ranging from profound intellectual disabilities all the way up to gifted, working together in the same class. This provides a unique set of challenges , but one which I am so excited to take on. As this is my first year teaching, I do not have any income with which to supply my classroom with necessities (my first check won’t come until late August), but I would love to create a calming space, with resources for ALL of my students to be successful. I will be teaching at UCP of Central Florida, Bailes campus. We are moving to a new building this year and expanding, so I’m getting a brand new classroom. This is exciting but also means I’m starting from scratch. Thank you so much for your help!” Her wishlist will be in my bio and once again- sending a massive smooch to everyone who reads this and feels inspired to help. xo! 💗🙌🏻📚

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Happy #FeaturedTeacherFriday 📚everyone! I know it’s summer break, but teachers still need school supplies and I really love doing these posts! So please meet Veronica! “My name is Veronica Landa and I have been working at Turtle Hook Middle School on Long Island, New York as a 6th and 7th grade Spanish teacher. These three years have truly been the greatest years of my life! I am very passionate about teaching a diverse group of students and strive to make a difference in their lives.  Attending graduate school two nights a week has also helped me grow as a teacher and provide the best education for my students. My school is a Title 1 school. The population mainly consists of African American and Hispanic students. The majority of the students at THMS are economically disadvantaged and come from low-income families. Students are also given free breakfast and lunch. Many of my students struggle to afford books and other resources needed to succeed academically. Every day I strive to teach, guide, and support my students to become successful individuals.  As a Spanish teacher, students are learning to engage in conversation and expand their knowledge about other cultures in the world. Creating a multicultural classroom teaches students to embrace and respect other cultures. I also incorporate a lot of technology games and videos in my classroom to motivate and engage my students throughout each lesson. This opportunity would help me incorporate books to expand my Spanish library and enhance students’ reading comprehension skills. My students will also be able to improve their speaking and writing skills and knowledge of the Hispanic culture. I truly love teaching Spanish and enjoy learning about my students each and every day. Any help would be greatly appreciated!” Her wishlist will be in my bio. Love you guys. 🧠📚💪🏻

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This #FeaturedTeacherFriday we’re going to Brooklyn, NY! Meet Yaskara Ortiz Ramirez! 📚🧠💪🏻 her wishlist will be in my bio and THANK U to everyone who reads and helps!! “I work in a Title 1 school in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, NY. To say I LOVE my school and the community we serve is an understatement!  Our community is so diverse and so rich in history and is a beautiful mix of cultures. At the age of 29 after I was married and had already had my two boys (and my little girl was on the way) I decided to leave the corporate world, go back to school and get my Masters degree in Education. Remembering the difference my teachers made in my life when I came to this country at the age of nine pushed me to also get the Bilingual extension. I taught third grade for five years and am currently in my first year of teaching Kindergarten...boy are they energetic! I love my little Supers!  Seeing them grow and having a hand in shaping them into good well rounded human beings fills my heart each and every day! My students are eager learners who are working towards being fully bilingual and bi-literate. In addition to all that, they are learning how to read! Recently our school lost our Magnet Grant. We are now a Magnet School without the Magnet money.  Our Tech Lab, Smart Boards, and Library could use a lot of love and care AKA updating.  Our classrooms, especially those that are Dual Language lack the proper resources such as updated classroom library books and computers/iPads.  Every year (if we’re lucky) teachers receive a $200-$250 stipend to help offset what we spend to prepare our classrooms at the start of the school year...I spend that on pencils alone!  I pour heart and soul (and many paychecks) into my (school) children while still making sure that my own children feel loved.  It is a tough balance, but I can’t say that I could see myself doing anything else.”

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Bell includes the featured teacher’s Amazon wish list and in turn asks her followers if they might be able to help donate supplies.

Bell often features teachers who work in low-income areas. One educator in New York nearly had her wish list fulfilled in full.

"I was speechless," Long Island middle school teacher Veronica Landa told "Good Morning America."

"I've always had an Amazon wish list with the things I wanted for my students, but never did I believe this would happen."

On one hand, it’s a little disappointing that we live in a country where school supplies aren’t necessarily easy to come by for all teachers. But on the other hand, we love to see Bell doing something like this. She seems so fun, relatable, honest -- and who hasn’t seen and giggled at her sloth video? -- and now this. Best real-life Disney princess of all time?