Coachella messed up Lizzo's music, so she performed a cappella

Lizzo's having a moment and she totally deserves it

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Coachella)

First of all, if you don't know of actual angel on Earth and your next favorite singer Lizzo, please download and stream her new album, "Cuz I Love You." You won't regret it. 

Second of all, Lizzo played her very first Coachella this year, and many music blogs ranked her weekend 1 set as one of the best of the weekend, so many fans at this past weekend's performance were more than excited to see Lizzo do her thing. 

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While she was performing her latest single from the album, called "Juice," Variety reports that the backing track of "Juice" went out during her performance. Lizzo, a queen of rolling with the punches, acted like a true pro and sang the rest of the song a cappella with her adoring fans. 

As you can see, Lizzo is playing her flute during the song (oh yeah, she's a professional flutist, too), notices the music cut out and then finishes the song anyway with help from the crowd. 

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Lizzo's music is incredibly joyful, full of messages of self-love and independence, so it's wonderful to see the talented singer and rapper shine so bright at the music festival. 

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