What to watch this weekend: ‘Pen15,’ ‘Ratched’ and more

We've got lots of new Netflix suggestions for you.
We've got lots of new Netflix suggestions for you. (2018 Chesnot)

Thinking that you’ve dried up the old Netflix cue when it comes to new shows and movies to watch?

Think again, dear reader, as the streaming networks are still pumping out new content, despite Hollywood being shut down for a few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From shows about lovable middle school outcasts to a wild barbecue cooking showdown, there is new content for everyone.

Here are a few suggestions if you’re looking for something new to watch this weekend.


The second season of this coming-of-age comedy just dropped last week, and it honestly might be one of the best seasons of TV released in 2020. The show follows best-friend seventh-graders Maya and Anna as they tackle the daily horrors and embarrassment of middle school, circa the year 2000.

The catch is, the actresses who play Maya and Anna are 30-something-year-olds Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, who also serve as the show’s creators. Maya and Anna’s classmates are played by actual teenagers, so it’s pretty funny to see these two grown women embody what it means to be an awkward pre-teen while acting around 14-year-olds.

If you’re a millennial who was in middle school or junior high during the late ’90s to mid-aughts, you will relate so hard to this show. Maya and Anna have a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas and love to talk to each other on their see-through landline phones. They wear butterfly clips in their hair and wear chokers around their necks. It’s a true blast from the past, and the show truly captures the awkwardness of being a pre-teen.

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