Deal or Dud: Lint Lizard

The Lint Lizard promises to remove dryer lint buildup. We put it to the test.

ROANOKE, Va. – A disgusting mess is lurking inside your dryer, but no matter what you do, it seems you can never get it all out.

But, the Lint Lizard promises to “remove dryer lint buildup!”

Assembly is easy. You just snap the pieces together, then attach it to your vacuum cleaner.

The directions say to vacuum the lint filter before then go into the lint trap to get out what you can’t reach.

Product tester, Margaret said, "it’s hard to angle it in there. You definitely get a good bit out, but it definitely doesn’t get everything.

When asked if the product is a deal or dud, Margaret said, “I’d say deal."

You can find the Lint Lizard on Amazon for around $15.

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