Tasty Tuesday: Skeeter’s World Famous Hot Dogs

10 News stopped by a Wytheville classic to try the Skeeter Dog and learn about the building’s rich history

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Old school bar stools line the shop in Skeeter’s, with decorations that make you feel like you’re stepping back into a simpler time.

It’s a simpler time with simple but great-tasting food.

While the building has been around since the 1800s, the Skeeter Dog has been around for decades.

“Pretty much everyone who’s grown up and/or lived in Wytheville has a Skeeter’s story.”

Manager and co-owner, David Clark, has fond memories of Skeeter’s as a child. So, when his family took over, he says the legacy was, "Something we took a lot of pride in and wanted to continue.”

You can imagine the excitement injected back into an already food-rich community.

“We want them to be excited to bring their family and their kids here, so they could say, ‘Hey, when we were younger, we went here and the place hasn’t changed.’”

When we asked Clark if anything changed with the hot dog, he told us it’s the same dog folks have loved for years.

“Our red hot dog, if you will, is a combination between beef and pork.”

“For us, we believe the flavor is that much better.”

For someone like me, who didn’t grow up around Wytheville, you have to taste it to believe it.

While you’re there, consider dropping off a hat or pair of gloves for those in need of warm clothing this winter. They have a basket at the front of the store.

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