Tasty Tuesday: Blue Ridge Bagels

National Bagel Day is Wednesday, and Blue Ridge Bagels has you covered

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Perhaps the gloomy weather has you craving something warm for breakfast. If that’s the case, Blue Ridge Bagels has you covered. It also helps that National Bagel Day is Wednesday.

Barry Kane is one of the people who will greet you with a smile when you walk in, much like he did in the classroom for 30 years.

After also working at a local McDonald’s, Kane wanted to own his own restaurant. That opportunity almost fell in his lap.

He tells us, "A bagel shop in Bedford was actually doing a contest to give away their shop.”

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough entries. That didn’t stop him from going after what he wanted. After buying Blue Ridge Bagels and undergoing some training, we’re now left with the mouth-watering taste of New York bagels in the Hill City.

If there’s any doubt of their authenticity, Kane says, “We actually get our bagels from the Bronx in New York.”

They offer 13 different varieties of bagels, seven homemade cream cheeses, and a plethora of sandwiches. They’ve got a bagel sandwich called the Smoky Mountain, which is crazy good. Our photographer, Chase Parker, had their Philly, which came with a twist. They use roast beef, as opposed to your traditional Philly cheesesteak.

Top it off with their home-baked muffins, scones, donuts and pound cake and you’re good to go!

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