Raise your hand, honor the Mitten State with this quiz on all things Michigan

Actually, do well enough on the quiz to raise two hands, not one!

(Photo by Found Image Holdings/Corbis via Getty Images)
(Photo by Found Image Holdings/Corbis via Getty Images) (Getty)

So, by a show of hands, how many people can demonstrate where they live by showing their hand and pointing to a particular spot?

It’s a luxury that anyone who calls Michigan’s Lower Peninsula home can do -- but that’s not all that makes Michigan and its mitten-shape unique.

From touching the largest collection of freshwater in the world, to being the home of those who invented the automobile, to having more shoreline than even Florida and California (OK, so it’s too cold to take advantage of it most of the year, but hey, it’s still there!), Michigan has several qualities that other states can’t match.

In honor of National Michigan Day, test your knowledge of Michigan facts with this quiz.

When you’re done, you can appropriately show your hand again to see how many questions you got right -- although hopefully, you will be able to use two hands and not just the one.

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