Deal or Dud: Bacon Wave

Bacon is a favorite side dish for many.

Bacon Wave put to the Deal or Dud test.

ROANOKE, Va. – If you like bacon, but hate the grease, the Bacon Wave may be your new favorite product.

It promises to make bacon to perfection, crispy and tasty, in your microwave.

It’s pretty simple to use. Put bacon, fat side up, in the tray.

Once done, you place skewers into the bacon to make sure it gets done, then put it in the microwave, following the cooking guide for how long.

After it cooks, drain the grease, remove the skewers and enjoy.

We made several strips and got several people to try it out.

Samantha Smith said, “it tastes good, but the texture is off.”

Brittany Furrow, a mom on the go said, “that’s really good.”

Jeff Williamson said, “it’s a good salad bacon, but not good breakfast bacon; a little too dry.”

Chase Parker said, “I like it. It’s a deal.”

You can find Bacon Wave at major retailers for $20 to $25.

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