These pantry staples are cheap and will last you a long time

Do you have the following in your kitchen?

Photo via Pexels.
Photo via Pexels. (Pexels.)

When you hear about stocking up on essentials, we’re often hearing about people hoarding toilet paper.

But there are some other grocery store items that you should take note of -- items that will help get you through this time of social distancing, lockdowns and self-quarantine.

Make sure you have the following:


We all know that a box of pasta (it doesn’t matter if it’s spaghetti or penne) is always pretty cheap at the grocery store, and its shelf life is pretty long, too. Just boil some noodles, mix them with your favorite sauce (even if it’s from a jar, we’re not judging) and you’ve got a hearty dinner ready for your family in minutes.

Three recipes you should make:

Pasta and broccoli from Skinny Taste

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