This new breakfast spot opened right as the COVID-19 outbreak started to take a toll on the Commonwealth

ROANOKE, Va. – Ruben Liendo had more than buns and biscuits in mind when he opened Crumbles Store a month ago.

Liendo tells 10 News, “Crumbles is my reinvention, and reinventing myself. At one point, I lost everything. I hit rock bottom, and I knew at one point I wanted to get up and do it all again."

Little did he know that his grand opening would soon be met with a global pandemic.

“A week after the day we opened, this whole thing kind of exploded.”

Liendo’s 17 years of restaurant experience told him he’d have to act fast, so they’re using apps like Grubhub and DoorDash. He says that that is helping.

You can help keep this new restaurant going.

Here’s how he says you can do so, by “...taking a picture, sending a comment on our Facebook, telling a friend to give a hand. I think we definitely need the support just like every other business.”

Don’t consider this charity. You’re getting quality food, made fresh each day, with a little twist to their rolls.

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