Cleaning, sanitizing your makeup brushes has never been so important

It’s always good hygiene to do so -- but during a pandemic? You’re going to want to watch this

Having sanitized makeup containers and brushes is essential. (Style Wise.)

If you’ve never thought about sanitizing your makeup brushes, now may be the time to do it.

Hopefully you’re not sharing any makeup brushes while you’re quarantined, but even if you’re not -- making sure you have a clean makeup brush can help stop the spread of any kind of germs that may be residing on your face.

StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan has some tips of the trade on how you can keep all of your makeup materials nice and clean, even once the pandemic is over.

Cleaning the brushes with soap and water is a step in the right direction, but Jordan suggests making sure you soak the brushes in isopropyl alcohol so they are fully sanitized. And if you’re worried about the brushes drying out, just soak them in some water and hair conditioner after the alcohol.

Even when it comes to the packaging of makeup products, Jordan suggests finding ones that are in bottles or have pumps; that way, you don’t cross-contaminate while touching the product.

It’s the little things that can save you from coming down with a cold, right?

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