How to fix a botched quarantine haircut? Buzz it

We’ll show you how

Sometimes a buzz cut is the only way to fix a bad haircut. (Style Wise.)

If you have short hair and your attempt to give yourself an at-home quarantine haircut didn’t go so well, your only option might be to buzz it.

That’s what happened to StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan’s friend Scott, but luckily for him, a quick buzz cut (with the correct guard) fixed his botched hair in no time.

As always, Jordan recommends having clean, workable clippers when giving yourself a buzz cut, and, if you can, have someone who can get the back of your head, so you know you’re not missing any spots.

Jordan also suggests using a guard that isn’t too short, so you can take away more hair if you desire.

Once that hair is gone, it’s gone, so always be mindful of how much you’re taking off.

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