My name is Wasabi, and yes, I’m spicy

You can find me at the Lynchburg Humane Society

Wasabi (Lynchburg Humane Society)

ROANOKE, Va. – This tiny kitten has a big personality!

Wasabi is only 3-months-old and has been with the Lynchburg Humane Society for about two months now.

She has fought hard since day one to overcome sickness and the struggles of being so small and not having her mother.

All this has made her into the sweet little kitten she is now.

If you want to take Wasabi home, her adoption fee is $99, plus a $10 microchip fee.

All adoptions include spay and neuter of pet if not already completed at the time of adoption.

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Wasabi (Lynchburg Humane Society)

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