Boy George is no Karma Chameleon because he’s a cat

You can find me at the Lynchburg Humane Society

Boy George
Boy George (Lynchburg Humane Society)

ROANOKE, Va. – All Boy George wants to do is cuddle, make biscuits and lay in the sun.

This feline is just shy of turning 7 and has been with the Humane Society for about half a year.

When he first arrived, he did not trust the staff or interact with them, but in the time since, that’s all changed.

At his core, he’s a shy boy with a soft heart looking for his new best friend.

His adoption fee is only $10 plus a $10 microchip fee!

* All adoptions include spay and neuter of pet if not already completed at the time of adoption.

Click here to learn more about him.

Boy George
Boy George (Lynchburg Humane Society)

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