Can we retire a Greek hurricane name? Delta made us wonder.

2020 a record-breaking year for hurricane activity

Hurricane. (WikiImages from Pixabay)

Louisiana residents who are still recovering from the devastation of a powerful hurricane less than two months ago braced for another hit as Hurricane Delta steamed north through the Gulf on Thursday after swiping Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the Associated Press reported.

It took a short amount of time for the storm to grow, relatively speaking.

“It strengthened from a tropical depression to a Category 4 storm in just over a day,” Meteorologist Paul Gross said. “It intensified at twice the minimum rate needed to qualify as ‘rapid intensification.’”

Early Wednesday, the storm made landfall as a Category 2 storm between the towns of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, packing sustained winds of 110 mph.

Delta left fallen trees and electrical poles, as well as damage to building facades, and as it treks toward the U.S. now, meteorologists expect it to strengthen again before striking the Gulf Coast, so we can’t help but wonder: Can we retire a Greek hurricane name?

“They do not retire Greek alphabet storm names -- at least so far,” Gross said.

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