Bacon Street Bagels takes Hill City by storm in only a few months

Owner, Jordan Hawkins, estimates they’ve made more than 20,000 bagels already

Tasty Tuesday: Bacon St. Bagels
Tasty Tuesday: Bacon St. Bagels

LYNCHBURG, Va. – As a kid, I remember oftentimes going with my mom to the deli or to the bagel store. Every now and then, I try to find something like that in our area. We struck gold when we came across Bacon Street Bagels in Lynchburg.

Owner, Jordan Hawkins, tells us, “We’re sort of filling a hole that the community really wanted.”

The Hill City is already a place flourishing with great places to eat, but he says this is part of a bigger mission.

He says that often, “Employees are just kind of wrung out like wet rags.”

Bacon Street is a place where both customers and employees can feel fulfilled. Hawkins is a self-taught baker. He teaches us a little bit about their bagel-making process.

“A classic New York bagel from start to finish usually takes about a day or so. You start off by mixing the yeast, the flour and the water and that has to sit for about two hours. We mix in all the dry ingredients…anything else that we need to make that specific type of bagel. We roll them all out by hand. After that point, they go in the fridge and they cold ferment overnight. And that’s where you get a lot of the flavor. That rich, bready flavor.”

Boiled and baked, the bagels get a crispy crust with a chewy center. It’s no wonder why Bacon Street took the Hill City by storm right away.

“We sold out the first 9 straight days that we were open. We had to buy a bigger mixer, a bigger oven. We had to double our staff,” said Hawkins.

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