Tasty Tuesday: Bootleg BBQ brings a taste of Alabama to southwest Virginia

Jon Beegle continues family tradition with BBQ on-the-go

FLOYD, Va. – You’ve heard of Texas, North Carolina, Memphis and Kansas City-style BBQ, but what about Alabama? That’s what’s being served at Bootleg BBQ in Floyd.

For folks like Jon Beegle, this is something he’s known for quite some time.

He tells us, “My family has been doing BBQ for a lot of years. They make delicious BBQ and being able to continue that kind of tradition was important, I thought.”

His family is in northern Alabama, and they do things a little differently. He says, however, that you’ll notice a few similarities too. “It’s very similar to North Carolina, vinegar-style BBQ.”

His homemade sauces, including the Alabama White Lightning, reflect that. Based with either mayonnaise or Miracle Whip, this particular sauce went really well with chicken I cooked one night last week.

His other sauces include, “Floyd Firewater which, obviously it’s a hot sauce. Red Moon Rising is a sweet tomato base and then we also have South Carolina Hooch, which is mustard style.”

Any of these pair really well with the number of different meats Beegle throws on the smoker.

For brisket and Boston butts, he says it usually takes 12 to 16 hours. Throw on some candied bacon, and the smell is intoxicating. The list goes on with items like, “Chicken and baby back ribs. Something that we’re really known for is our atomic buffalo turds.”

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