Tasty Tuesday: Bacova Beer bringing fresh beer, food, vibes to Hot Springs

Bacova Beer is adding new items to the food menu while keeping the beer flowing

Tasty Tuesday: Bacova Beer
Tasty Tuesday: Bacova Beer

HOT SPRINGS, Va. – For the first time in the nearly two years of doing Tasty Tuesday, we took the scenic drive to beautiful Bath County. It’s here that we found not just fresh, mountain air but the smell of fresh hops at Bacova Beer (BAth COunty, VA - Bacova).

Owner, Seth Ellis, says that this is just a small part of what’s been missing from the great food scene in Hot Springs.

He sets the scene, saying, “You’re either paying resort prices, or you’re at a nicer restaurant paying 30 dollars a plate. Or you’re eating at a greasy spoon, which is cool, but there was nothing in between.”

He’s been home brewing for ten years now, trying to perfect each end of the spectrum, “Everything light to dark, malty to hoppy. We don’t try to do anything fancy here. It’s just good, solid beer.”

The vibe I got from a few minutes of being there was that this was the kind of place where everybody knows your name. Ellis echoes that, laughing while saying, “It is like a Cheers vibe. We may not have Norm, but we have Travis.”

Family is key to the mission at Bacova even down to the beer itself.

“We have two beers that are named after our kids. Sally Amber and Harris Porter.”

My personal favorite (for research purposes) is the So Fresh and So Clean IPA, not just for the musical reference to Outkast but because of its fresh and crisp flavor.

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