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Tasty Tuesday: Pedal Biscuit takes already-bustling Roanoke food scene up a gear

Pedal Biscuit has been open for nine weeks right next to Golden Cactus

ROANOKE, Va. – Throughout the last year and a half, we’ve come across a lot of restaurants that are products of the pandemic. We struck gold on another hidden gem at Pedal Biscuit in downtown Roanoke.

Owner, Jon Roberts, was about to open a spot in Blacksburg when COVID hit and changed plans. So, he shifted gears and took his talents to the Star City - right next to Golden Cactus brewing.

As for the name, ‘Pedal Biscuit,’ he says it’s because, “I was a chef for a pro-cycling team. I’m a mountain biker myself and my son is very serious into downhill mountain biking.”

Their gig is pretty simple. “We’re doing craft biscuits. All the ingredients that are inside are from Virginia farms.”

When we visited, Roberts took us step by step through the process. He takes his handmade dough and folds it repeatedly to add depth. It’s all part of what he says makes the perfect biscuit.

His experience in the food industry has allowed him to get this down to a perfect science, in order to get a thick, flaky biscuit. He adds, “When the heat of the oven hits, the steam of the butter breaks open the flakiness of the biscuit.”

At the same time, he’s manning the smoker, “Slow smoking the meats for seven hours. We’ve got pork belly. We’ve got chicken.”

The two most popular biscuits in his nine weeks of being open, and you can see why. On the pork belly, he adds strawberry jam and mustard. The meat tastes like candy and falls apart, while the jam adds sweetness and the mustard adds the tang.

The smoked chicken is special, because you get “That layer of smoke and that tanginess of the white sauce…it’s really a fun one to eat.”

It’s fun to eat and a fun place to visit along Salem Ave. So grab your bike, and give Pedal Biscuit a try. This is just the beginning too! Hours are limited for now, but the plan is to expand to Saturday brunch in the fall.

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