Tasty Tuesday: Chipped Mug Coffee hopes to continue legacy of former Christiansburg coffee shop

Brugh Coffee recently sold to Phillip Martin of Chipped Mug Coffee

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – For the last six years, Brugh Coffee was a favorite in Christiansburg. Its owners announced at the beginning of the month that they’d be handing the reigns over to Phillip Martin of Chipped Mug Coffee.

He says, “I’d love to be able to carry on the legacy that Brugh Coffee started.”

He’s keeping many things the came, but also says, “There are going to be some personal stylistic choices that I’m going to lay over top of the menu here to introduce some new variety and new coffees.”

Even though the shop is new, Martin isn’t new to roasting. He’s done pop-up events before in Roanoke, Salem and Radford.

“I’ve been in the coffee industry for a long time, developing my skill and vocation. So to find myself here running this business seems like a natural progression.”

You’ll notice a natural progression in the menu too, from your everyday cup of Joe to an everything bagel and something sweet like the cherry Danish.

One seasonal item they’ve thrown into the mix is the “Strawberry Fields Latte which is just using an in-house strawberry syrup that we make.”

The latte art is just the cherry - or in this case, strawberry, on top. Other items will come to the summer menu, so be on the lookout for those soon.

Other specials like the OJ Espresso Tonic have taken off, in addition to Martin’s favorite, “I’m a sucker for the Not Another Girl Scout Cookie drink, which is chocolate caramel and coconut mixed into a latte.”

In its infant stage, Martin says the community has bean great to Chipped Mug Coffee.

“A lot of folks who were regulars with Brugh Coffee have shown up and been a great welcome to the Christiansburg community.”

That’s exactly what he hopes to provide the community - a welcoming atmosphere.

He recently posted to social media that if you had a Brugh Coffee gift card, it would be honored on his website.

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