Inka Grill Latin Fusion brings explosion of South American flavor to downtown Roanoke

Inka Grill Latin Fusion has started by combining dishes of Peru, Colombia and Venezuela

ROANOKE, Va.Inka Grill has been known for bringing Peruvian cuisine to downtown Roanoke in recent years.

“We want to keep our Peruvian cuisine, but we also want to add some Latin flavors to it.”

General Manager, Sharon Cardozo, is from Venezuela. She’s thrilled to introduce even more South American flavors as part of Inka Grill Latin Fusion.

“My goal has always been to make people happy. Now, they have a taste of my flavor, my culture and my history. It’s great.”

These flavors know no bounds. A Peruvian favorite - the ceviche - is still on the menu.

“We started with Colombian and Venezuelan, but our goal is to add other South American and Central American flavors to it.”

Flames rise in the kitchen, as the crew gets to work on dishes like the Bandeja Paisa.

Cardozo explains what all goes into this dish - it’s a lot!

“The Bandeja Paisa has such an explosion of flavor. You find a little bit of everything in there. It has avocado. It has chorizo, the rice, the egg, the plantain, the pork into it and the ground beef. You can never go wrong with that. It’s the staple for Colombia.”

You’ll notice a piece of bread on there - the Arepa - a staple in both Colombia and Venezuela. However, they use it differently.

“We share the corn bread called arepa. For Venezuelans, it’s our pride and joy. We stuff it. We stuff it with whatever we want, and you can never go wrong with it.”

At Inka Grill Latin Fusion, you can stuff it with a Peruvian classic - the Lomo Saltado.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to down these dishes with something to drink at the new bar installed in the upstairs.

The bar will be open from Thursdays through Sundays.

Also new to Inka Grill Latin Fusion is a special discount. Teachers and first responders can take advantage of that!

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