Tasty Tuesday: Yard Bull Meats connects farms to tables in the Roanoke Valley

Tyler Thomas and crew bring high quality beef, pork, seafood and more from local farms to your table

ROANOKE, Va. – Farm-to-table is a trend that’s regained popularity in recent years, as a lot of us want to know where our food is coming from. The in-between step is something that’s been missing locally. That is until Tyler Thomas and Yard Bull Meats came to Roanoke’s Crystal Spring area.

He recalls, “When I moved to Roanoke, I realized there was no butcher. It was really important for me to make that happen. I wanted a butcher shop in the town I live in. We finally made our way in here last September, and we’ve been rocking and rolling ever since.”

They’ve taken the time to get to know local farmers, which is why Thomas says getting to know your local butcher is important. That’s especially the case as he sees more business heading into the warmer season.

“It’s almost grilling season again. We’ve been selling a lot of steaks, sausages and seafood.”

Seafood that comes in fresh from the Gulf of Maine, the Mid-Atlantic and local trout farms.

Then - of course - there’s beef. It’s what’s for dinner!

“We carry in hundred-pound chunks of meat. Then, we break it down and utilize all of the animal. It’s really important to us, so we put a lot of effort into that. Every Friday, we cut dry-aged strips or ribeyes. It’s first come first serve. Usually, there’s a line out the door.”

Right down to how the sausage is made - literally. Yard Bull Meats has had 50 to 60 varieties and typically carries five-to-six at a time each weekend.

“Basic Italian or chorizo, breakfast and then some really fun ones. We can do a Reuben. Beet and horseradish is one we just did. It’s really interesting stuff.”

Speaking of really interesting stuff, Thomas tells us there’s a sandwich of the month too.

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