Get those hummingbird feeders ready! Hummingbirds migrate back to Southwest Virginia

Learn how to make a safe hummingbird mix and properly clean your feeder

Get those hummingbird feeders ready! Bird watchers across the United States have reported the first sightings of hummingbirds as the tiny birds are making their migration back to the states.

Haley Olsen-Hodges with the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center says Southwest Virginia should start seeing sightings of their own soon.

Click here to view the 2023 hummingbird spring migration map from Hummingbird Central.

According to Hummingbird Central, red and yellow feeders work best at attracting hummingbirds.

Levi Stiverson with the SWVA Wildlife Center says to avoid buying hummingbird food with dye or even purchasing organic blends. She says pre-made mixtures often have harmful chemicals that aren’t healthy for hummingbirds.

Instead, she says it’s better to make your own. She says it’s a four to one ratio of water to regular granular white sugar. Boil the sugar water mixture, then add to your hummingbird feeder after it cools.

She recommends changing the water every five days to avoid mold and other harmful bacteria that could make hummingbirds sick.

Stiverson says its important to regularly clean your feeder using only water and no soap. When a deeper clean is needed, she says it’s okay to add a very small amount of bleach to the water.

However, she says it’s crucial to make sure the feeder is well rinsed and bleach-free before use.

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