Oreo announces new limited-edition flavor that combines brownie, cookie dough and creme

The Brookie-O will be found on grocery store shelves this month, Oreo says

Oreo's new "Brookie-O" flavor. (Oreo)

Milk’s favorite cookie decided to ring in the new year with a new cookie creation, combining all your favorite decadent desserts.

Oreo announced on its social media Tuesday that it will release “Brookie-O” cookies, the newest limited-edition flavor for 2021.

The cookie brings all the components of a traditional “brookie” (chocolate chip cookies and brownies) to an Oreo cookie.

The “Brookie-O” will consist of three layers of creme with brownie, original creme and cookie dough.

Oreo said the new cookie creation will be available at some point in January, but did not disclose a specific release date.

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