Spanking kids may be the wrong punishment for them

Research finds that spanking has a negative impact on children


ROANOKE, Va. – Do you find spanking your child has an affect on their well-being?

Seventy percent of American parents think it is sometimes acceptable to spank their children, according to some reports. Other reports find that corporal punishment can be harmful. 

New research has found that spanking can have a major affect on a child's well-being. 

Garret Pace, a doctoral student at the University of Michigan, and his colleagues examined the impacts on spanking in middle and low-income countries. 

Researchers took data from 215,000 kids in 62 countries and looked at the relationship between spanking and reasoning behind the punishment. 

Parents who spanked their child reported that their child was more agressive, including biting, hitting and kicking other kids, according to Pace.

Pace's findings indicate that spanking is harmful to children. He suggests that parents should explain in age-appropriate terms; what the child has done wrong. 

In 54 countries around the world, spanking is now banned. In the United States, some states have worked to ban spanking.

The most recent state to ban this practice is Hawaii.