5 apps to help you meditate when you need a break from this crazy world

Let your mind be at ease with some help from these apps

A person meditating. (Photo via Pexels.)

While it would be great to have your toes in the sand on a peaceful beach, or be perched up on a mountainside with incredible views while you meditate and relax your mind, that can’t always be the case -- especially as we navigate through life during a pandemic.

COVID-19 has lurched us into what feels like an often crazy and unpredictable world. That must have something to do with why guided mediation apps have become so popular recently. Not only do you have the help of meditation from the app, but you can do it anywhere, which is super convenient for people who just need five minutes of calm.

If you’ve never tried meditation, it might be something to check out if you find yourself stressed often. One of the biggest benefits from meditating is reducing your level of stress and controlling your anxiety.

While those things might not be at the top of your priority list at the moment, getting a handle on your stress and anxiety will only benefit your health in the long run.

So if you’re ready to get your mind in check and focus on your mental health, check out some of these helpful meditation apps below.

1.) Calm

Doesn’t the name of this app alone just put you at ease already? The guided meditations are super helpful, but the app also has features like sleep stories to help you get to bed easier, and breathing exercises to help calm yourself down. You can even pick meditations based off what goals you want to achieve, such as working on your self-esteem or managing your anxiety.

2.) Insight Timer

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