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This Amazon backyard 'garden igloo' will make you reevaluate all your summer plans

Once assembled, you can use it as a play area, greenhouse or gazebo

First, there was a tiny guest house that seemed to grab the attention of Amazon shoppers everywhere.

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Now, the next trendy summer item that’s making the rounds online looks to be this “garden igloo,” as it’s called, which is selling for a cool $1,199. Want to buy it? Click or tap here.

Once you put it together, you can use it as a play area, a greenhouse or a gazebo.

Only six people had reviewed it as of Thursday, but four of the six were positive.

[Click here to read the reviews]

One review says, “Although a little pricey, we found this item to be worth (it), as now we can get our kids out of the house to play instead of watching iPads all day.”

For what it’s worth, the two negative reviews knock the design.

The kit takes several hours to set up, depending on how quickly you work and how much help you’ve enlisted.

Here are some other things we learned in the question-and-answer section of the Amazon listing:

  • You could fit eight to 10 people around a circular table in the center, if you’re hoping to host people in here.
  • There are two window/air vents on the dome.
  • The igloo can withstand up to 31 mph winds (and even quite a bit of snow!)
  • It makes an excellent environment for growing plants, hence its status as a greenhouse.

Once it’s built, the dome is 12 feet in diameter and stands up to just more than 7 feet tall, with a base area of 107 square feet, according to Amazon.

What do you say? Sounds cool, or looks like it's too much work?

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