"Wolf in sheep's clothing": Man accused of preying on drug addicted women in rehab

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) – New details are released in the case of a 71-year-old Roanoke County man, Gordon Parker, who allegedly preyed on women addicted to drugs while in a rehabilitation program at Roanoke City Jail.

According to a newly unsealed search warrant, Parker, who referred to himself as a "sugar daddy" offered money, gifts and prescription medication dilaudid among others in exchange for sex.

So far in the case, Parker faces 20 prostitution related charges. Three other women have also been charged with prostitution including 29-year-old Heather Wagoner, 26-year-old Brittany Dawn Hill and 21-year-old Jaedi Lee Moore.

In total, at least seven women are involved. During a 6-month period of time between July 7, 2014 and January 15, 2015, police recorded inmates making 494 phone calls from Roanoke City Jail to Parker. In total, 114 hours of conversations were recorded.

According to the search warrant, Parker said in a recorded phone call conversation to Wagoner that he picked several of his victims using the Roanoke City jail's inmate search website. He then used Wagoner and another inmate to recruit other women to contact him by phone.

Several victims said Parker was first introduced to them as a "sugar daddy."

Wagoner knew Parker before she was in jail. Documents say that she was employed by Parker as a caretaker for his wife who is suffering from dementia. Once in jail, Wagoner then helped Parker get in touch with other women he could solicit for sex.

Once communication was established between Parker and the inmates, Parker told the females that he would provide them money on their accounts while they were in jail and provide financial support wh

en they were released.

A review of the recorded phone calls showed that Parker admitted to providing at least four inmates, including Wagoner with money while they were in the Alpha program.

The warrant detailed how Parker was recorded saying in several of the recorded conversations that he would offer money, cars, clothing, phones, tattoos, body piercings, cosmetic surgery, cruises, college tuition and even housing among other bribes to the women.

While Parker eluded in some recorded phone calls to offering the women money in exchange for sex, one victim told police that Parker first portrayed himself "as a man who was trying to be genuine and help someone down on their luck." She later described him as "a wolf in sheep's clothing."

Another victim described him as a "monster who preyed on addicted women." That same victim told police that she at first was able to resist taking drugs from Parker until a box of syringes showed up in the mail at his residence and "she could not resist."

She described a 2-week drug binge on dilaudid. She said after the prescription ran out, Parker provided money for another victim to buy heroin. When she tried to leave, she said Parker kept telling her "the dope will be here soon." She told police she eventually became "dope sick" and felt like she was forced to stay for more drugs. She eventually went back to jail for a failed drug test.

"He knows if he can get them hooked again, or if they are hooked, he can get control of them and do whatever he wants," the victim said. "They could be controlled."

During that same binge, the victim says that Parker would also use heroin by eating it.

The warrant details victim testimony to police that describes Parker paying multiple women to perform elicit sex acts for payment in some form on a regular basis. One account alleges Parker tried to convince one woman to sleep with a minor.

The warrant describes tens of thousands of dollars spent by Parker on drugs, sexual acts, gifts, credit cards and cash payment to the women.

Parker will begin a jury trial at the end of April, 2016.

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